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The Zona Test Is The Result Of Over 2000 Years Of Personality Theories
Love Compatibility has two elements, the Zona Test and the Compatibility Tool. The Zona System is the most advanced love compatibility system ever developed, period. The System accurately assesses your personality type then recommends the best matches for romance. Only the Zona System provides free world-class love compatibility that is available online and via wireless devices. Find Love Compatibility
Zona Love Compatibility System
Answer all of the following questions
Try to limit response time to one minute per question.
1.How physically attractive are you? (rate yourself on scale of 1 to 10)  
2.Are you at your ideal weight?  
3.Were you popular in high school?  
4.How intelligent are you? (rate yourself on scale of 1 to 10)  
5.How physically attractive was the person sitting across from you the last time you went out for dinner? (rate them on scale of 1 to 10)  
6.How important is winning?  
7.How wealthy are you compared to the average person in your city?  
8.Have you ever participated in an organized team sport?  
9.Do you smoke?  
10.Select your most effective work style?  
11.How was the earth created?  
12.During a normal airplane flight, how concerned are you about crashing?  
13.Can poor people do more for themselves to improve their lives?  
14.Do you have or desire to have children?  
15.How physically fit are you? (rate yourself on scale of 1 to 10- 1 being couch jockey, 10 being olympic athlete)  
16.How many times per month do you exercise vigorously?  
17.Once you have started a project, how important is it that you finish?  
18.Have you ever traveled off of your continent?  
19.How many different cities have you lived in as a working adult?  
20.How many different countries have you lived in as a working adult?  
21.Have you gambled (including lotteries) within the last four years?  
22.What is the most common cause of conflict between groups of people?  
23.How concerned are you about humanity's effect on the environment?  
24.Is there any excuse for marital infidelity?  
25.Do you have a talent or way of seeing things that is completely unique?  
26.  Is poverty necessary?