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Love Compatibility Frequently Asked Questions

How many zonas are there?
There are nine zonas, each with a z-factor defined from 1 to 5. The zonas are Coral, Moon, Pearl, Quartz, Silver, Sun, Topaz, Water and Wind.

Are some zonas better than others?
No. A zona is simply a particular perspective of the world. By itself, a zona has no intrinsic value.

Are zonas listed the only zonas I'm compatible with?
There are 45 zona/z-factor combinations. Only the most compatible zonas are listed. There will zonas that are not listed that have some degree of compatibility.

Can your zona change throughout your life?
As we experience new things our perspective of the world is subject to change. Certain events in our lives can promote periods of self-reflection. Check your zona prior to and following these episodes. It's likely your zona will change throughout your life more than your z-factor (1-5).

How old do you need to be to take the test?
You can take the Zona test at any age. However, we recommend waiting until you are an adult due to the fact that many test questions are geared toward adults. If the test is taken prior to adulthood your results may vary compared to tests taken later in life.

I don't agree with any of the answers for a particular question, what should I do?
Unfortunately there isn't space for every conceivable response on the test. Please select the closest response.

After I find my zona, how do I find my soulmate?
First remember these two guidelines 1. Your zona will have a strong correlation to your viewpoints. 2. Your z-factor will have a correlation to your activities. Then ask yourself questions such as, "how much do we need to have in common?", "do our activities need to be an exact match?" or "how important are physical appearances?". Next, use the site's search tools to find people who meet your criteria.

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