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Take Love Zona everywhere you go
You can participate on Love Zona with most Web enabled mobile devices. From your cellphone, PDA or other mobile device you can take the Zona Test, find love compatibility, rate profiles, message individual users and more...

Your Phone or Mine?
Like a trusted friend, Zona Test is by your side in social situations. Here are a some scenarios where Your Zona gives you the honest advice you're looking for.

The Martini Bar
You meet someone at a popular martini bar and there is instant attraction. Even after several minutes of conversation there's so much that you don't know about them. Is this someone worth investing time into? Have them take Zona Test right then and there. Then if the compatibility is not there you've avoided the following-

  • Timing of your first call or email
  • An awkward first date
  • The 'interview' process
  • The breakup conversation
  • Post relationship avoidance

The Dinner Party
A group of friends gets together for a casual dinner. As customary, there are a couple of new people that are single and seem interesting. You suggest that everyone take the Zona Test on their cell phones. "Its fun and a great conversation starter for singles and couples", you freely offer. Once everyone has taken the test, slowly work the room in the direction of the person or persons of interest. Confirm that your intuition was correct.