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The Science Behind Love Compatibility

The Zona test assesses the manner in which a person sees the world and the manner in which the world sees that person. It also evaluates interpersonal tendencies. The Zona test is based on an integral model, which incorporates psychology, sociology, spirituality and other disciplines. The integral model takes established personality research and builds upon it.

Is it more effective than other personality tests?

Most popular personality assessments, including Jung, Myers-Briggs, Freud, Enneagrams, and Astrology, are two-dimensional or horizontal models. Personalities are placed in categories where they remain for a lifetime. For example, a Myers-Briggs child becomes a Myers-Briggs adult. Similarly, a person maintains the same astrological sign from birth to death. With these assessments, no consideration is given to the fact that human consciousness and understanding tends to evolve over a lifetime.

Zonas use a very different three dimensional model. The Zona test measures fairly static personality traits that other popular personality assessments measure, as well as personality traits which tend to evolve over time. This approach does not seek to invalidate years of research by respected psychologists, sociologist, humanist and others, but rather, zonas build on this understanding to take personality assessment to dramatic new heights.

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