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Age: 36

Last active: over a month

Height: 5'4" (163cm)
Weight: 130lb (59kg)
Body type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
In your words describe yourself physically-
I consider myself fairly good looking. My natural hair color is light brown or dark blonde. I have hazel eyes and a light complexion. I have long slender legs, and my body is pretty slender too.
Here's how she balances the major aspects of her life-
Child Care:   46%
Exercise:   6%
Relationship:   2%
Relaxation:   12%
Self-enrichment:   18%
Socializing:   6%
Work:   32%
In the future-
She would like to spend more time doing-
She would like to spend less time doing-
Have children: Yes
Want children: Yes
Marital Status: Single
Smoking: Yes
Drinking: Occasionally
Drugs: Never
Diet: Convenience
Education: Bach Degree
High School
Occupation: Retail
Income: Under 25K
Politics :Democrat
Religon: Spiritual
3 (out of 10)
Traveled to: Domestically
Body Art: None
Pets: One
with family: 
In your words describe your lifesytle-
I'm really busy during the fall and winter because I go to college and I work and I spend as much time with my kids as possible. But during the summer I have more free time to take my kids to the park, the pool, the drive-in, and just about anything outside as long as its not too hot. I like to go the movies with friends and have picnics with them. I work in retail , and even though I like working with people, I'm looking for something else that I can also be around a diverse group of people.

What are your passions?-
I'm going to college to get a degree in psychology, so I can eventually work in counseling. Anything to do with psychology interests me. I love taking pictures, especially of my girls. I love taking them new places and watch them discover new things. I want to travel. I love going new places and seeing people that have different cultures than me.

Been divorced? Yes
Divorce year: 2003
# of marriages: One
Longest commited 
2 to 5 years
Biggest challenge  
of last relationship: 
What have learned from your past relationships?
I need to trust my first insticts. I had a sense that he wasn't being honest, but I always want to believe people are good and they mean well. I think part of that is true, that deep down we are the same and we are all good. It's the outside 'stuff' that gets in the way. But I've learned I can protect myself and not be around people that will not be honest because of their 'stuff'.
Relationship type  
interested in: 
Long-term committed;
Willing to relocate? Maybe
Willing to take        
HIV/STD screen? 
What do you envision your next relationship will look like?
I would like to start out slow and get to know someone, and maybe spend a lot of time dating before getting serious. Later I would like to have a committed relationship where my kids would be included more. Marriage is not off the list, but I always think that would be too far into the future to consider after just meeting someone.
Zona: Tell You Later 
Age: 25-34
Ethnicity: other/any
Long-term committed;
Have children: Any
Want children: Yes
Marital Status: Single
Smoking :Any
Drinking: Occasionally
Drugs: Never
Diet: Any
Education: Any
Occupation: Any
Income: 26 to 50k
Politics :Any
Religion: Any
4 (out of 10)
Body Art: Any
Pets:  Tell you later
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