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Age: 42

Last active: over a month

Zona:Moon 3
Best Matches for Romance:

   Moon 3
   Silver 3
   Quartz 3
   Moon 4


Height: 5'9" (175cm)
Weight: 140lb (64kg)
Body type: Thin
Ethnicity: Caucasian
In your words describe yourself physically-
I am thin, but in shape. I am described as (cute) by my lady friends, and I look much younger than I am. So I am told. I am always clean shaven and well dressed unless at work.
Here's how he balances the major aspects of his life-
Child Care:   40%
Exercise:   4%
Relationship:   8%
Relaxation:   10%
Self-enrichment:   5%
Socializing:   10%
Work:   45%
In the future-
He would like to spend more time doing-
He would like to spend less time doing-
Have children: Yes
Want children: Yes
Marital Status: Divorced
Smoking: Yes
Drinking: Yes
Drugs: Tell you later
Diet: Carnivore
Education: High School
Bach Degree
Occupation: Construction
Income: 26 to 50k
Politics :Independent
Religon: Catholic
3 (out of 10)
Traveled to: Locally
Body Art: Tattoos and piercings
Pets: One
with family: 
In your words describe your lifesytle-
I am a pretty laid back, calm and gentle person. I work hard both at my job and my family life. I have custody of my three children and they are the world to me. I have a very close and large Italian family. I love to cook dinner when I come home from work. It helps me to unwind. My life is dedicated to my family and those I love.I am not a very religious man, but I do hold the morals of religion in high reguards. I believe that there is a soal mate for everyone, and I am looking for mine.

What are your passions?-
I love to cook, fish, ride my motorcycle and build things with my hands. I also love to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie.

Been divorced? Yes
Divorce year: 2004
# of marriages: One
Longest commited 
10 years+
Biggest challenge  
of last relationship: 
What have learned from your past relationships?
I learned that no matter how much you love someone, and no matter how hard you try it take two to make it work. I did also learn that if something can hurt you so badly than there must have been something that made you feel equally as good. So I have learned not to give up on love, but to embrace it.
Relationship type  
interested in: 
Tell you later;
Willing to relocate? Maybe
Willing to take        
HIV/STD screen? 
Tell you later
What do you envision your next relationship will look like?
My next relationship needs to be with someone who is willing to give in to love and not dwell on their past relationships. I am not the men from her past, but hopefully the man of her future. I need someone who can offer unconditional love and is not afraid to show that love.
Zona: Any 
Age: 25-34
Ethnicity: Any
Tell you later;
Have children: Any
Want children: Any
Marital Status: Divorced
Smoking :Any
Drinking: Socially
Drugs: Occasionally
Diet: Healthy
Education: High School
Occupation: Any
Income: Any
Politics :Independent
Religion: Catholic
4 (out of 10)
Body Art: Any
Pets:  I'm allergic
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