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Age: 36

Last active: over a month

Zona:Wind 4
Best Matches for Romance:

   Wind 4
   Pearl 4
   Topaz 4
   Water 4


Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Weight: 155lb (70kg)
Body type: Thin
Ethnicity: Caucasian
In your words describe yourself physically-
I am a thin man, but my muscles are defined and or cut. I prefer to maintain my body weight since I am very active physically. Luv running, kicking and pushing my body to the limit!
Here's how he balances the major aspects of his life-
Child Care:   0%
Exercise:   12%
Relationship:   2%
Relaxation:   10%
Self-enrichment:   15%
Socializing:   6%
Work:   55%
In the future-
He would like to spend more time doing-
He would like to spend less time doing-
Have children: No
Want children: Not sure
Marital Status: Single
Smoking: Never
Drinking: Socially
Drugs: Never
Diet: Healthy
Education: Bach Degree
Bach Degree
Occupation: Other
Income: 26 to 50k
Politics :Left leaning
Religon: Catholic
5 (out of 10)
Traveled to: US/Can/Mex
Body Art: Tattoos and piercings
Pets: None
with family: 
In your words describe your lifesytle-
I frequent law offices and court houses 5 days a week. I record video testimony for civil and criminal cases and present the testimony to a jury if the case does in fact get that far.

What are your passions?-
I LUV working out and keeping my body in shape. Lifting free weights couple times a week, running a few miles here and there up until the day of a 10K or marathon. I like eating healthy too!

Been divorced? No
Divorce year: 
# of marriages: 
Longest commited 
1 to 6 months
Biggest challenge  
of last relationship: 
Intelligence incompatibility
What have learned from your past relationships?
Know when to hold em Know when to fold em Know when to walk away Know when to run
Relationship type  
interested in: 
Tell you later;
Willing to relocate? Tell you later
Willing to take        
HIV/STD screen? 
What do you envision your next relationship will look like?
I hope it will look like crystalline vase that is delicate to the touch! (Ha Ha's) I hope that it will have the look of a SMILE! One that has endurance.
Zona: Any 
Age: Any
Ethnicity: Any
Tell you later;
Have children: No
Want children: Not sure
Marital Status: Single
Smoking :Never
Drinking: Any
Drugs: Never
Diet: Healthy
Education: Bach Degree
Occupation: Any
Income: Any
Politics :Left leaning
Religion: Any
5 (out of 10)
Body Art: Any
Pets:  Tell you later
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