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Age: 53
Carmichael ,USA

Last active: over a month

Zona:Quartz 3
Best Matches for Romance:

   Quartz 3
   Silver 3
   Moon 3
   Topaz 2


Height: 4'9" (145cm)
Weight: 0lb (0kg)
Body type: Few extra pounds
Ethnicity: Tell you later
In your words describe yourself physically-
I am a work in progress. I have lost a bit of weight and am still working on loosing more. I am femme in mannerisms. Short & fluffy. Hazel eyes , long dyed auburn hair.
Here's how she balances the major aspects of her life-
Child Care:   16%
Exercise:   8%
Relationship:   10%
Relaxation:   12%
Self-enrichment:   45%
Socializing:   9%
Work:   10%
In the future-
She would like to spend more time doing-
She would like to spend less time doing-
Have children: Yes
Want children: Not sure
Marital Status: Single
Smoking: Occasionally
Drinking: Socially
Drugs: Never
Diet: Tell you later
Education: Bach Degree
Occupation: Tell you later
Income: Tell you later
Politics :Democrat
Religon: Other
4 (out of 10)
Traveled to: Locally
Body Art: None
Pets: One
with family: 
In your words describe your lifesytle-
HMM shall I go into detail? LOL. Umm I am pretty much a quiet type person. I do a variety of things with my son.. swimming, bike, go to park. etc. Once ina while I like to go out. I am a full time mother and full time student . That should give you a basic idea of my daily routine. I talk to my friends as often as i can.

What are your passions?-
I enjoy watching movies, cooking, meeting new people and going out . I enjoy getting on the internet to do a variety of things.

Been divorced? No
Divorce year: 
# of marriages: 
Longest commited 
2 to 5 years
Biggest challenge  
of last relationship: 
Tell you later
What have learned from your past relationships?
This is hard one! I learned that if 2 people share the saem dream and work towards it it will be able to come true in time. I also learned that life can get in the way of dreams. We went through a very hard time the last 4 mths of our relationship. She was diagnosed with cancer.
Relationship type  
interested in: 
Long-term committed;
Willing to relocate? Locally
Willing to take        
HIV/STD screen? 
What do you envision your next relationship will look like?
Zona: Any 
Age: 45-54
Ethnicity: Any
Long-term committed;
Have children: Any
Want children: Not sure
Marital Status: Single
Smoking :Any
Drinking: Socially
Drugs: Never
Diet: Any
Education: Tell you later
Occupation: Any
Income: Any
Politics :Any
Religion: Other
4 (out of 10)
Body Art: Any
Pets:  Tell you later
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