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Age: 45
Brandon ,USA

Last active: over a month

Zona:Pearl 3
Best Matches for Romance:

   Pearl 3
   Wind 3
   Topaz 3
   Pearl 4


Height: 5'11" (180cm)
Weight: 220lb (100kg)
Body type: Few extra pounds
Ethnicity: Caucasian
In your words describe yourself physically-
25-37 is the ideal age just simply because younger women haven't matured and the older are ready for retirement.
Here's how he balances the major aspects of his life-
Child Care:   0%
Exercise:   0%
Relationship:   0%
Relaxation:   0%
Self-enrichment:   0%
Socializing:   0%
Work:   0%
In the future-
He would like to spend more time doing-
He would like to spend less time doing-
Have children: No
Want children: Not sure
Marital Status: Single
Smoking: Never
Drinking: Occasionally
Drugs: Never
Diet: Healthy
Education: Some University
Bach Degree
Occupation: Tell you later
Income: Tell you later
Politics :Not interested
Religon: Catholic
5 (out of 10)
Traveled to: US/Can/Mex
Body Art: None
Pets: None
with family: 
In your words describe your lifesytle-
I am loyal, honest, warm, loving, supportive, intelligent, funny, serious, caring, compassionate,open minded, a good listener, and easy to get along with and probably the last hopeless romantic. Sometimes I can be shy at first. That only lasts until I get to know you well, then I am anything but shy. I like the beach. I go for the water and to swim (did I mention, I am part dolphin?), not because of the sun bathing (sun burn).

What are your passions?-
Movies are action, science fiction, martial arts, drama, and comedy. Hobbies are photography, cooking and computers. I like to travel when I can. Next on my list is Europe. I have family in Germany that is waiting for me to visit them. I am Aquarius. According to the Chinese zodiac, I was born in the year of the tiger. The elemental wood tiger is more precise. I like most music, just as long as it isn't country or rap. Rock, metal, classical, blues, and jazz are my favorites.

Been divorced? No
Divorce year: 
# of marriages: 
Longest commited 
1 to 6 months
Biggest challenge  
of last relationship: 
Lack of commitment
What have learned from your past relationships?
Watch out for those 'red flags' that psychos waive. I'm looking for a woman that has a good personality. I do value this over looks. A certain amount of physical chemistry has to be on both sides. Attractive, but I do not mean she has to be gorgeous, just attractive. I have found all to often that looks can be especially deceiving, in all aspects. The most beautiful women I have come across thus far have all been shallow, superficial, and materialistic. Those are three qualities I do not want.
Relationship type  
interested in: 
Tell you later;
Willing to relocate? Locally
Willing to take        
HIV/STD screen? 
What do you envision your next relationship will look like?
I prefer taller women with long hair, musicians, children and animal lovers are a plus.Kind, sweet, honest, loyal, trustworthy, caring, respectful, intelligent, has morals, manners and just an all around decent person.I realize how big of an order that is to fill!:) I give 100 percent of those, and I expect the same in return.When I start using words with more than two syllables, I don't want her to look like a 'deer caught in headlights'.
Zona: Tell You Later 
Age: 25-34
Ethnicity: Any
Tell you later;
Have children: Any
Want children: Any
Marital Status: Any
Smoking :Never
Drinking: Any
Drugs: Never
Diet: Any
Education: Any
Occupation: Any
Income: Any
Politics :Any
Religion: Catholic
0 (out of 10)
Body Art: Any
Pets:  I'm allergic
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